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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 28, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> ricky: glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. topping the news, there are more victims of the colorado movie massacre that were laid to rest today and we are getting chilling new details as well about the man that is suspected of gunning them down, including information on his life before the devastating rampage. >> ricky: also governor mitt romney looking to beef up his foreign policy credentials, meeting with leaders from one of our most crucial allies in the world. but will it help him with voters here at home? >> jamie: and as the economy falter, is big government making matters better or worse for american businesses? we're going to have an eye
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opening look just ahead. >> ricky: let's start with governor romney's highly anticipated arrival today in israel. we're taking a look now at brand-new video of mitt and ann romney gotting off the plane in tel aviv, the presumtive republican nominee will sit down tomorrow with his long-time friend, benjamin, netanyahu. the visit coming after an announcement by president obama that some critics say was meant to upstage governor romney's trip. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. hi. >> that announcement was for more money, $70 million more in funding for an israeli defense system. governor mitt romney says he will not criticize president obama directly while he's overseas on this trip, but he has spoken previously while still in the u.s. of the obama administration's, quote, shabby treatment of israel. and says the israeli people, quote, deserve better than what they've received from the leader of the free world.
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here is some pictures of romney on the plane from england to israel today. israel is very fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney likely try to make a case that he would be tougher with iran than president obama. he said in an interview with an israeli paper, quote, in a time of turmoil and peril and israel's neighborhood, it's important that the security of america's commitments to israel will be as clear as humanly possible. when israel feels less secure in the neighborhood, it should feel more secure of the commitment of the united states to its defense. president obama has had a rocky relationship with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the two men disagreeing over israeli settlements and over the approach to iran. but the president said yesterday that the u.s. has a, quote, unshakeable commitment to israel's security and announced $70 million to expand israel's iron dome, short range missile defense system to shield them from hezbollah rockets. >> it is a program that has been
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tested and has prevented missile strikes inside of israel and it is testimony to the leadership of the folks sitting here that we're going to be able to lock in that funding to assure that program continues and that we are standing by our friends in israel when it comes to these kinds of attacks. >> president obama, who has not traveled to israel as president, said defense secretary leon panetta will be traveling to israel to discuss additional ways the u.s. can help with israeli security. rick? >> ricky: thank you. medical medical in washington. this as new reports that israel is preparing for possible military action as the syrian regime shows more signs that it may be on the verge of collapse. israel and the world raising the alarm over syria's stockpile of chemical agents and fears that terrorists could seize the deadly material and maybe tuesday against israel. sources close to the israeli defense force telling fox that israeli soldiers
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are on stand-by and civilians demand for gas masks jumped 70%. >> jamie: extreme weather alert, scripling drought is being felt across the country now. not even the mighty mississippi is immune. water levels are so low on the river, some of the ports are being closed. raising concerns about higher food and gas prices that could affect all of us. the lack of rain killing cracks, crabbing topsoil and devastating livestock farms. maria, i hope they'll get relief soon. >> unfortunately, we're not expecting rainfall across the center of the country where we really need the rainfall any time soon. we're expecting dry conditions for today and on top of that, we're also talking about an extreme heat wave that's ongoing across parts of the central plains and not a good combination. pretty much most of the country is experiencing dry conditions. we have dry conditions from parts of upstate new york you will the way west into parts of california, ev portions of
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oregon and the state of washington. so 80% of the u.s. is abnormally dry now. 46% of the u.s. is currently if a severe drought which is pretty much the largest area in drought since basically 1956. so very dry year here across the lower 48 for us. again, we do have that ongoing heat wave across parts of the central plains. triple digits in dallas. 102. 96 in kansas city. the other concern is that when you factor in the humidity, it feels even hotter. we have a number of heat advisories in place across missouri, kansas, oklahoma, northern parts of texas. we're talking about heat index values in excess of 100 degrees up to 115 degrees. what a heat index value of 115 means is that when you head outdoors, it feels like 115 degrees, very dangerous stuff. as we head into the next couple of days, we're not really going to be seeing much relief as far as those top temperatures, triple digits for today. into tomorrow, 108 could be your high temperature in tulsa, oklahoma. kansas city, 102 for tomorrow.
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to kick off the workweek, more triple digit heat. 110 in tulsa. 106 could be the high temperature in little rock. then the other extreme. flash flooding going on right now across portions of new england and northeast. massachusetts, connecticut, and portions of upstate new york dealing with flooding, even along long island with strong storms that are rolling through. we also have a risk for some severe weather with some of those storms, large hail and damaging winds being the main concerns. we'll keep you posted as we got warnings. >> jamie: we really appreciate it. thank you so much. rick? >> ricky: new details about the shooting suspect behind colorado's movie theater massacre. james holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist before the rampage. that's according to newly reloosed documents from the court. this information coming to light as two of the victims are laid to rest. elizabeth prann live in aurora, colorado, with the very latest. >> hi, rick. those recent court filings motion by the defense indicate that james holmes was under the
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care of dr. lynn fenton, although it doesn't indicate he was necessarily gotting treatment on the day or in the time surrounding the shooting, although it does confirm to us that that package, which was sent to the university of colorado at denver, was intended for dr. fientsen. we're learning a little bit about her background. media reports are revealing she was once reprimand by the colorado state medical board for prescribing medication such as xanax and vicodin to not only herself, but family members while not updating their medical charts. the motion that i talked about earlier from the defense to get the notebook because they consider it private and confidentiality for not only the client, but also the doctor, will be addressed monday during holmes' arraignment he faces at least 12 counts of first degree murder charges and many more depending on the district attorney, carol chambers. >> on monday, carol chambers, the prosecutor, has to announce what charges she is bringing.
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potentially we're talking about over 100 charges, 12 counts of first-degree murder, then you may have 58 counts of attempted first-degree murder. first-degree assault. >> as far as today is concerned, it's another day of mourning as more victims are laid to rest. 24-year-old jessica ghawi, aspiring sports reporter who survived the toronto shooting a week prior. she's laid to rest in san antonio, texas today. her hometown. also 27-year-old matt mcquinn, the hero who saved his girlfriend from gun fire will also be laid to rest in his hometown of springfield, ohio. a scheduled memorial service for 29-year-old jesse childress will take place at buckley air force base. there's a makeshift memorial over my left hand shoulder that has been growing since the day we arrived here. people are leaving gifts. they're saying prayers to the people who lost their lives. around 12 wooden crosses were placed there. a very emotional scene for folks
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here. >> ricky: elizabeth prann live for us, thank you so much. >> jamie: i can't wait to see this 'cause in a rare tv interview, the supreme court justice scalia, sits down with an exclusive interview with chris wallace. it happens in the wake of the colorado movie massacre and they discuss new calls for more gun control. listen. >> yes, there are some limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on what the society understood were reasonable limitations at the time. there were certain location limitation. >> what about these technological limitation. obviously we're not talk being a hand gun or musket. we're talking about a happy can fire 100 shots in a minute. >> we'll see. >> jamie: justice scalia is fascinating and you rarely ever get to hear from the supreme court justice in this way. he'll also talk about the controversial health care law ruling and you can catch awful chris' exclusive interview to me.
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check your local listing. >> ricky: look forward to that. global arms trade treaty hanging in the balance. u.n. member states failing to reach an agreement to limit the cross border flow of weapons. the u.s. taking much of the blame after announcing it need more time to consider the treaty. russia and china also asked for more time. the conference chairman says despite the failure, an agreement will be reached before the end of the year. >> jamie: fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a show down over your tax dollars in congress. the senate this week passing a bill that extended the bush era tax rates for individuals making less than $200,000 and families making less than $250,000 a year. so house leaders now say the tax rates should be extended for everyone. they're planning to vote on their own bill next week. today in dueling address, president obama blaming republicans for the stand-off. republican senator onhalf firing right back. >> instead of doing what's right for middle class families and
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small business owner, republicans in congress are holding these tax cuts hostage until we extend tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. >> raising taxes as our economy continues to struggle is not a solution. the majority of americans and businesses understand that. the president once understood that as well. in 2010 he said that allowing these same tax increases would have been a blow to our economy just as we're climbing out of a devastating recession. 40 democrats in the senate agreed. joining republicans to stop these potentially devastating tax hikes. >> jamie: let's bring in our political panel, dick, chairman of the south carolina democratic party. and former republican congressman bob, from ohio. gentlemen, great to see you. thanks. >> thank you. >> jamie: dick, can we come to any resolution on this in time for the election no matter which way it goes? >> unfortunately, i think it's going to be a political yingyang
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until the election. although i think if folks looked at -- when the voter realize that people like sheldon addleson and the koch brothers are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in mitt romney to save hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes for their very rich friends, they're going to realize that this is all about who pays and ho doesn't pay and we ought to go ahead and extend the tax cuts for families that make less than $250,000 a year and then debate the rest of it afterwards. i don't know why the republicans are holding middle class americans hostage so they can get these tax breaks for the fat cat friends. >> jamie: bob, why is it that democrats continue to insist that if people who have businesses who are in that bracket above 200 or $250,000 get the benefit of the tax cuts we've had, that those in the middle or lower income will suffer? is it true?
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>> jamie, the answer is four out of five, four out of five twice. four out of five people that file in the 250,000 and above are ranchers, farmers and small businesses who file on the individual income. four out of fivement number two, four out of five of all jobs created in america are created by that group right there. big businesses don't create jobs. they buy jobs. four out of five jobs are created by those small businesses, 80% of whom file on the individual income. therefore, this tax on these folks would not be a cannon ball, would not be a buck shot. this would be a rival shot right at the job providers. that's why 24 months ago when democrats controlled the house, democrats controlled the senate, democrats controlled the white house, they didn't increase taxes on these folks because they knew it would be the wrong thing to do. because they know john boehner will not allow it to happen, so therefore, for the elite media, they're going through this little performance when they know it's not going to happen because they don't want it, it would be counter productive to our economy. >> jamie: let me ask dick, why didn't this get done early on in
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the administration if it's the right thing for our economy, dick? >> i think, you know, 24 months after barak obama took office, we were still reeling and we are today still reeling from devastation of eight years of george w. bush. we were on a brink of a depression and so he felt the timing wasn't right. by the way, whether the n is 250 or 500 or 750 or a million, the republicans are saying no tax increases for anybody. and so the process is in the negotiation process. we're saying 250. the republicans are saying 2 billion. so, you know, this process of saying that there would be no negotiation on any tax increase -- president obama said for every dollar of tax increase, he would grate to ten dollars of budget cuts, no deal. the republicans are sticking their heads in the sand hoping upon hope this line that congressman said that we're going to kill the job creators -- >> jamie: let me ask you this -- >> is holding them hostage.
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>> jamie: dick, let me ask think and bob, please respond. what is the resolution, then, if you don't -- as democrats continue to push for this, we've stated it in terms of tax cuts and tax benefits, what's the resolution that you could see that could actually pass and help the folks of america, particularly business owners who are sitting in limbo? what is your plan beyond this, if you don't get everything you want? then i want to hear if bob thinks it will work. maybe we can make the deal right here right now. >> here is the deal, let's do a million dollars. bob, how about that? anybody that makes less than a million dollars keep the tax cuts, anybody over that would not get the tax cuts. by the way, the tax structure we're talking about is going back to the tax structure we had under bill clinton when we had the largest economic expansion in the last 30 years. >> jamie: bob i got 30 seconds, does it work? >> the president said 98% of all the tax cuts who stay in place. he wanted to increase it on 2%. for the last ten years, nancy
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pelosi has never held a press conference. the president hardly has given a speech in which he didn't talk about the bush tax cuts for the rich. now these folks are telling us at this moment today, saying that 98% of those tax cuts were for middle america. they're on a performance that the show going to be up very shortly. this country could have responded. it has energy capacity. it has the wherewithal to have a striving economy. these folks have driven it in the ditch and they're going to be replaced very shortly and the sooner the better. >> jamie: gentlemen, great to sigh. a spirited discussion at that. thank you. (we are to the top of the hour. coming up next, we'll find out why the house republicans say red tape is literally choking small businesses. we'll find out what they think will solve that problem. >> jamie: taxes and red tape? all right. governor mitt romney arrives in israel on his overseas tour, he's focusing on his policies. we'll get a fair and balanced
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look at those. >> how one veterans group is working to locate and help veterans who are struggling with unemployment, with illness, and with homelessness. so jack, why'd you wanna have me in your commercial
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>> rick: a new republican push to help u.s. businesses struggling with government regulation. take a look at this chart released by the republican staff of the congressional joint economic committee. follow that, if you can for just a moment. it shows the rules and regulations that a lot of companies have to navigate. house republicans just passing a bill freezing new regulations until the unemployment numbers go down, but democrats say the sluggish economy, not regulations, are hurting small businesses much more. bill is not expected to survive the senate, controlled by democrats. a fox news contributor, nationally syndicated columnist. glad you're here. >> thanks for having me here. >> rick: the chart could make your eyes go -- >> looks like a bowl of pasta. >> rick: it does. now i'm hungry. so here is the line from your piece that jumped out at me. between new year's day of 2012 and last friday, so about a week
3:22 pm
ago, american businesses have grappled with 2127 new regulations. >> these are new regulations. >> rick: like what is this. >> the old regulations. this is one i find amazing. the national labor relations board ruled that micro unions can exist within a larger work force. so for example, a big department store a few blocks from here rather than dealing with the entire staff, they now have a separate union for the women's shoes departments on the third floor and the fifth floor. the manager of that store, you're thinking, i've got to talk to one guy representing the whole staff. that's bad enough. now you have someone representing the women's shoe department. i guess there will be a men's shoe department union and maybe a tie department union. and this is just a complete bird's nest. this is one company. you see this multiplied all across the u.s. economy. >> rick: who is the worst offend whenever it comes to coming up with creating new regulations? >> i think it's probably hard to pick one. off the top of miff head, the epa is very bad. they're very, very busy at this. they came up with an amazing
3:23 pm
regulation that -- oil refineries are required to blend in one chemical. only one problem, it doesn't exists. you can't buy it. the oil companies said we'd love to blend it, but we can't buy it, any more than we could hire 100 hi proceed cans. so they said, we're going to find -- fine you because you didn't use the substance. if you hear it kind of a story and you're thinking, i want to expand my store, you hear about the people in washington behaving with this attitude and think, the deck is stacked against me. they're not going to start that business. i'm going to keep everything where it is and hope better management comes in next year. >> rick: that's what i wanted to ask but. for business owners, you have the big oil companies. then you have small business owners who are just trying to make a living, trying to eke out a living with whatever they're doing. what do these regulations do for them? >> it makes life very difficult. a lot of these regulations are
3:24 pm
confusing, self contradictory. this case goes back a few years, john stossel covered this. you need to keep the shop floor dry so people don't slide out. but another regulation said you need to hose it down every hour to keep the dust down. the guy tried to guess if osha would show up or the usda. >> rick: democrat also say a lack of regulations, particularly in the banking industry, is what got our economy into this mess in the first place. are there such a thing as good regulations? >> i think there are some simple regulations everyone can understand that are very nice and clean and simple that probably make sense. but look at something like obamacare, 2800 pages of the bill and thousands and thousands of more pages of regulations. those will keep pouring out.
3:25 pm
according to the u.s. chamber of commerce, 27% of small business owners saying they're having trouble hiring because of obamacare. so you get these completely bizarre and unfathomable regulations and it's very hard for people in business to respond to any kind of a sensible or positive way. >> rick: we mentioned the republican plan which will probably not go anywhere because of partisan politics in washington. but if some of these regulations were to be rolled back, do we have any data or information that this would help the unemployment rate? would it get americans back to work if a lot of companies and businesses out there didn't have to deal with these burdensome regulations? >> i think there are a couple of things. one is the small business administration says that these regulations cost $10,000 per employee, per year. if you've got ten employees and figure on saving $100,000, maybe you can afford to hire somebody. that's one thing. the other is the overall tone on washington on the obama administration, you didn't build this, class warfare rhetoric, you don't get the sense that the government is trying to help you
3:26 pm
out. you get the sense uncle sam is your adversary. i think the change of tone will give people the sense that they're not being plotted against. >> rick: you can find his piece, a very interesting piece, i would recommend you check it out. thank you. jamie? >> jamie: thanks. he is always interesting. great guest. meanwhile, a car chase in california. this one looks like something out of a hollywood thriller. it's not a movie and these are not actors. we're going to show you the dramatic conclusion to a high-speed chase. >> jamie: nasa books >> facebook stock falling. can it get its mojo back down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic
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>> jamie: welcome back. the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. syrian government troops reportedly ramping up attacks on rebel fighters in that nation's largest city. the escalating violence fueling fears there could be a possible massacre. penn state's president says the university is covered it handle any lawsuits stemming from a child sex abuse case. retired assistant football coach jerry sandusky convicted last month of abusing ten boys over 15 years. the president saying the school wants to settle claims as soon as possible. there are new details on the health status of illinois congressman jesse jackson, junior. the mayo clinic releasing a statement saying jackson is being treated for depression. the chicago democrat has been on a leave of absence for nearly seven weeks. rick? >> rick: veterans organization taking on a brand-new mission, helping to locate and assist veterans struggling with
3:32 pm
unemployment, health issues, and with homelessness. it all began in remembrance of an army lieutenant, a soldier who died in iraq in 2004. anna kooiman is live with more. hi. >> hi. teams walked through to help homeless veterans get back on their feet. started in newark, new jersey after after losing a high school buddy serve not guilty iraq, the tragedy inspired them to give back. 66-year-old gene anderson served on a gunship during the vietnam wa a job when he returned and has been homeless for almost a decade. >> i was honored when i was in the service, i had a loft respect. i came home, people turned their backs on me 'cause i was in vietnam. >> the g.i. go fund helps vets like anderson with their midnight missions, with volunteers, social workers and nurses offering a food and clothing to anyone in need. information about housing and
3:33 pm
jobs programs is given, as well as health care. vets are vulnerable to homelessness because of physical disabilities, posttraumatic stress disorder and more recently, a tough economy. >> they're out there every single day fighting and when they come home, they're dealing with the same bad economy that we're dealing with on a greater level 'cause they've been gone for two years. >> according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development, in 2011 on any given night, 67,495 vets were homeless on the streets. veterans account for some 14% of the entire u.s. adult homeless population. the g.i. go found has plans if the works it expand their midnight missions to baltimore, philadelphia and washington, d.c anyone interested in volunteering or contributing to the fund can go to their web site that you see there on your screen. we encourage to you do so. back to you.
3:34 pm
>> rick: worthy organization. thanks very much. >> jamie: facebook, there was so much excitement when the stock first came out. it plunged on friday again after reporting sluggish second quarter results. and failing to give an outlook for the coming months. what to do? facebook stock is down 37% from its initial public offering, from $38 when it first came out to just under 24 bucks now. what does that mean for the social media giant and bigger question for dominic. what does it mean about the whole tech field, that sector? first of all, big picture. >> big picture is i think everybody is realizing at this point in the game that the stock really was mispriced. there was a lot of controversy when this company became public. prior to becoming public, a lot of the analysts were talk being a mid, maybe high $20 stock. they ended out bringing it at $38. clearly mispriced based on its future prospects. >> jamie: given that, there's a
3:35 pm
loft concern that the employees of the company, whether you bought it initially when it was offered or you want to buy it and you might buy it at this low price, that they'll have the opportunity to sell off coming up in stages, but a lot of shares could hit the market. should they be concerned if people own facebook? >> this is a -- very common problem with the start-ups. so the company came up with a a little bit over 400 million new shares to the market. there is almost another 300 million coming due that are going to be freed up and sold in the next 30 days or so. after that is another 200 million and then in november, 1.2 billion shares are going to be available to be sold. that doesn't mean people are going to go and sell them. but they might. big flood of shares could the market. >> jamie: would you be a buyer of those shares? >> we were very fortunate. we personally and as a company we didn't buy one single share. but we were looking at not so much the valuation of the company, but the big flood
3:36 pm
coming in november. so we told our clients hold back. let's see what happens. be patient. there will be an opportunity. and typically when this lockup period does open up, stock prices do drop 8, 10%. we thought there would be an opportunity later on. >> jamie: let's say these people don't sell and you can still get in at the price that it is. do you think that the public that waited, clients of yours and such, might benefit from the fact that it opens up for sale if those people don't sell, that they think there may be value in it, especially if they're employees? >> there is a lot of people that got in because they thought it was going to be the next apple, the next google. look, even though apple and google went through their difficult times, and if we remember in the early 80s, apple wasn't going to be in existence. so people came into this stock and thought, i want to get rich quick. i'm going to double my money. that didn't happen. loft disappointment. i think there is value in this company. it might take years, not days, weeks for that value to be
3:37 pm
realized. it's a unique company with a very unique service product. but you've got to look at it very, very long-term and they need to develop it. they're going to be bumps and bruises along the way. but maybe after this next period in november there might be a decent long-term buying opportunity. >> jamie: were they right or wrong to go public? >> i think this is admirable of the company. they had this philosophy that they're much more interested in creating a real quality company than producing earnings for wall street in the short run. they probably would have been a little bit better off waiting or maybe more realisticallily pricing the company. they clearly were off with that. >> jamie: was that facebook that priced it? >> the lawsuits right now and who is responsible for what and who got stuck with what and whether nasdaq will pay up in the end. but look, mark zuckerberg did create an amazing company out of his bedroom in harvard, right?
3:38 pm
i think its true potential is sill enknown. there is still a level of risk here. we don't know. we don't know what the thing will look like three, five years down the road. but after november, maybe a longer term investment. not such a bad idea. >> jamie: we'll know more after that. gout to always decide if you have the stomach for this. >> real stomach and this one specifically, patience. >> jamie: good to know. you look good in the chair. >> thank you,. >> jamie: rick? >> rick: a high-speed chase coming to a dangerous end in california. take a look at this. police were in pursuit of this vehicle in san fernando when this happened. two suspects now, you see them jumping out of the passenger side while the car still moving. one took off on foot. but was later arrested, along with the other. police say the chase started when officers tried to pull the car over for driving recklessly in north hollywood. >> jamie: tomorrow marks just 100 days until the presidential election. governor mitt romney is hoping that his trip to israel which he
3:39 pm
embarked on today will give him a boost with voters. could his international tour actually be helping president obama? that debate straight ahead. >> i have made it a top priority for my administration to deepen cooperation with israel across the whole spectrum of security issues. >> president obama is fond of lecturing israel's leaders. he's even -- he was even caught by a microphone deriding them. he's undermined their position which was tough enough as it was okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft.
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as we've been telling you, governor mitt romney is now in tel aviv in israel, part of his whirlwind overseas tour. he's saying he's reluctant to criticize the president on foreign policy while overseas, but the trip to israel highlighting the administration's sometimes testy relationship with the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu's government there. so how will this tour impact the
3:44 pm
presidential election here at home? joining us is susan estridge, professor of law, and political science at the university of southern california. always good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> rick: presidential candidates like to do this. they like to go overseas, then senator obama did it when he was running for president. does it matter to the voters back at home? >> well, you do need two things on a trip like this. first what mitt romney is doing is because he's the governor, he's trying to neutralize any potential vulnerability he might have when obama stands threw and says, mr. romney, you never had a deal with foreign leaders. you've got no foreign policy experience. so i think romney's folks smartly are saying, before we get to the convention, let's check that one off the list. it's not going to be a voting issue. but we don't want voters to think that they can't trust him on foreign policy.
3:45 pm
and of course, as you pointed out in the opening, israel is particularly good choice for him because many democratic voters classically democratic voters in the jewish community have had questions from the outset about barak obama's commitment to the state of israel. >> rick: is the jewish vote in play? there are some who say that president obama is not the close friend to israel that he says that he is, that american presidents traditionally have been since the founding of the jewish state. but do you really think that that voting bloc, which is usually a pretty safe bloc for democrats, is at play? >> i think some of it's at play. i think you have to distinguish, first of all, it's not that large a group. but in states like florida, pivotal states, it can be really important. and you have to distinguish jewish voters who i call traditional liberals who will vote the liberal line, as it were and be with obama, and
3:46 pm
jewish voters for whom israel really is the number one concern and as you mentioned, they've had issues with obama from the beginning. many were with hillary for precisely that reason and let's not forget, i can say this, i'm jewish -- there is a lot of jewish money in politics. i think former president bush made major inroad there is and it wouldn't surprise me to see that mr. romney may collect some of that, quote, israel jewish money that's still not sure about obama. >> rick: sheldon aidleson, the casino magnet, of course, is throwing around probably as much money as anybody else out there and he is largely funding a new media campaign ads that are targeting specifically targeting jewish voters. why do you think there is such distrust among some in the jewish community when it comes to president obama and israel? >> well, i think it goes back to the campaign when he was talking
3:47 pm
about even handedness and he made one speech i recall literally during the campaign in which he talked about having an even handed relationship between the palestinians and the israelis. and i think there is such concern and i frankly share that concern -- about the threats posed to israel, the threat from iran, that even the slightest hint -- and there have been some hints -- that a president is not 100% committed to the security of israel and that he doesn't understand that israel has domestic problems. it has to deal with domestic problems. but israel is our best friend in the middle east. they always have been. i think they always will be. and i think there are lingering doubts. not about hillary clinton and the state department, but still about obama when the going gets tough. >> rick: we heard from molly henneberg at the top of the show that this president has not made a trip to israel since taking
3:48 pm
the white house, since becoming president. a mistake on the part of the campaign, do you think? >> yes. look. symbols matter. i don't know that mitt romney is going to have any earth shattering trip while -- discussions while he's in israel. but the fact that that's one of his first stops on his foreign visit is intended to send a message. i think many on the democratic side, including mr. obama supporters, have said over the last, what, 3 1/2 years, the symbolism of a trip to israel, even if you accomplish nothing, is an important message. frankly, i can't explain to you sitting here now why he hasn't gone. >> rick: and jews like to see pictures of people putting notes in the western wall. i know that from conversations. >> jews aren't the only ones. >> rick: exactly. no, a lot of people do. susan, thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> rick: you can read her syndicated column in newspapers all over the country every
3:49 pm
wednesday and friday. jamie? >> jamie: i'm sure we are no exception. everybody likes to save a few dollars on their food bill. but those supermarket chains, turns out aren't the only option. we'll look at the best deals on name brand products that you can find right now at your local dollar store [ charles ] when you can make a person smile when they taste the food that you cooked it does something to yr heart. i think what people like most about the grilled food is the tast the flavor comes from that oak wood... the shrim the fresh fish, the steaks. it locks in the flavor, it seals in the juices so that when you put the fork in it, it just goes through it like butter. [ male announcer ] visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon. good through august 5th. [ charles ] my name is charles himple, i'm a red lobster grill master and i sea food differently.
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>> jamie: some news you can seuss and help your dollar stretch. if you think dollar stores are just dusty little holes in the wall overflowing with shoddy merchandise, time to think again. >> rick: in these tough economic times, everyone is look to save a few bucks. the september issue of "consumer reports" shop smart magazine shows you how dollar stores can help you do just that. sue perry is deputy editor of shop smart. always good to see you. thanks for coming in. dollar stores in general are all of them created equally? >> they're not all created equally. family dollar and others are very big, they're growing and they're going to be seeing more exciting things like grocery items and frozen food cases and
3:54 pm
refrigerator foods. >> jamie: you have names we know that we usually go to the grocery store for. if we go to the dollar store, should we look at expiration dates? do they get old merchandise? >> that's kind of the old image they used to get. but the dollar store has changed a lot. always look at the expiration dates. i think wherever you're going to shop. >> rick: good question. >> go but the dollar store you'll be seeing more brand names, they have brand name items on the shelf. >> rick: like coca-cola. >> coca-cola and they also have the bigger chains are now coming out with their own store brands. that's when these are. >> rick: let's start with the brand names. this is coke. two liter bottle. what's the savings? >> 28%. from the supermarket. what we did, i have to say what we did. we as secret shoppers went all around shoppers and went to that
3:55 pm
two big dollar store chains. went to wal-mart, to tar get and went to a couple of big supermarket chains and we want to do see who has the best prices. turned out that wal-mart is always going to have the best prices. they're always going to have the lowest. the dollar stores came in pretty neck in neck. especially dollar general with wal-mart. the supermarkets, if that's where you're going to spend most money, even -- but you have to really hit the sales or hit the coupons if you're going to save anything at the supermarket. >> rick: how about the mixed nuts? >> this one is 25% saving, buying this at the dollar store. it is a better part of $6 at the supermarket, at dollar general, this was 4.32. >> rick: wow. >> jamie: quick question, is it possible that you can find these dollar stores on-line and order that way? >> some of them, yes, you can. not all of them. but we have web site presences. >> jamie: great. >> yeah. >> rick: these are the store brands.
3:56 pm
>> this is from family dollar. and they have their own store brands as does dlar general and these -- what was interesting about this, store brands in general are going to save you money. but what we found is across the board action the dollar store store brands will save you 29% on average. whereas wal-mart will save you 5%. not bad, but the dollar store store brands are worth trying because you'll save more money. >> rick: i know you have your secret shopper. i want to be one of your secret tasters. keep me in mind. >> jamie: wait 'til we're off camera. i've seen you eat. that's going to do it for us. harris faulkner is taking over at the top of the hour. have a great day, everyone. >> rick: see you later. things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing)
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